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Timmy Talks Taxes (Collectible Edition)

Timmy Talks Taxes (Collectible Edition)

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  • Digital Copy (Value $29)
  • Audio and Visual Version (Value $39)
  • V.R. Capability (Value $69)
  • Quizzes And Assessments (Value $22)
  • Activity And Workbook (Value$22)

πŸ“˜ Join Timmy on an enlightening journey through the world of taxes with "Timmy Talks Taxes" – an engaging children's book that simplifies the concept of taxes and makes learning about financial responsibility fun!

🌟 Follow Timmy on an exciting adventure where understanding taxes becomes an empowering exploration! Through relatable storytelling and colorful illustrations, this book breaks down complex tax concepts, making them accessible and intriguing for children.

πŸ’‘ Dive into the realm of financial responsibility as Timmy discovers the basics of taxes, learning about income tax, sales tax, and why taxes are important for communities. With interactive activities and easy-to-understand explanations, children will grasp the fundamentals of taxes in an enjoyable and relatable way.

πŸ’° "Timmy Talks Taxes" isn't just a book; it's a valuable tool that fosters financial literacy in young minds. Tailored for kids aged 8 to 12, this book empowers children to understand the role taxes play in society and personal finances.

πŸ“š Gift your child the opportunity to embark on "Timmy Talks Taxes." This book isn't just about taxesβ€”it's an educational journey that encourages financial awareness, responsible citizenship, and the understanding of contributing positively to society. Start this enlightening adventure today and watch your child's understanding of taxes grow!

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